Specialist School & Preschool Photographers since 1984

Preschool Photography

We have been offering nursery and preschools photography for many years. Staff always comment on the way we quickly get smiles out of the most reluctant children.

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Individual School Portraits

With years of school photography experience behind us, you'll see how the job is really meant to be done. Fast and efficient from when we walk in to when we deliver your orders.

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Class and Team Groups

Whether you want traditional groups or the latest style on white backgrounds, we'll give you class and team group prints that parents and pupils will be proud to own.

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After School Photography

A fantastic way for parents to get their whole family togethers and enjoy great, studio quality photography in the familiar surroundings of their own school.

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Your pupils' portraits will be simply, outstanding. Our photographers ensure pupils look smart and comfortable and will take the time move stray hairs, straighten collars & ties etc. as we aim to produce the very best school portraits.

Administration is really simple too. We stick to tried and tested methods of supply to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Parents will receive proof cards that allows them to order through your school or save money by ordering on-line. You can opt to have everything dealt with on-line if you wish.

Parents that miss the order deadline, order their school photographs on-line and have their prints delivered to their homes, so no extra work for you!

20-25% commission on net sales
(rate dependent on volume)
Prints from as little as £8.00


Individual School & Preschool Portraits