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Order your leavers group prints


Leavers groups
Image reference number


Order your leavers group(s) here. (Larger image on one side with all leavers displayed as small thumbnail images on the other).

Prices reduce as you order more copies (from the same image only).



Order your leavers portraits & images on CD


Leavers portraits

Image reference number


Add additional 10"x7" prints. Prices reduce as you order more copies (from the same image only). Or you can just buy the image on CD.


Using the facility below, you can order copies of your leavers groups. You can also order copes of just the larger individual portrait. You can order prints and images on CD. All prints are mounted in black top quality, heavy-weight, white core, bevel cut mounts.

The leavers groups are only available in one size; 10"x8" in a mount which will make the overall size 12"x10".

The leavers portraits are available as 10"x7" prints in folders (which makes the overall size 12"x10") and 7"x5" prints in folders (which make the orderall size 10"x8". Both are designed to be a near perfect fit for going in off the shelf picture frames. In addition, if you buy a pack, you will receive 4 5"x3" unmounted prints free. You can order the image on CD too. This is listed under the 10"x7" order options.

If you order before the end of the academic year (usually the end of July), we will endeavour to get your order to you within a few working days. After schools close, we also shut down for 4-5 weeks in order for our staff to take their Summer holidays. Any outstanding orders will generally be produced just before school restarts in early September. If this is an issue for you, do NOT order until we reopen.


We cannot order your prints without the image ID numbers that are printed at the bottom left of the order sheets. They will be in the format of J0123-LG-1234.jpg for leaver groups and J0123-L-1234.jpg for the leaver portraits.

Quantity discounts only apply to orders from the same image.

PayPal will debit your credit card immediately for your order. Please note the delivery times above.


Order your leavers groups and leavers portraits